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IRS Office Addresses using Google Maps

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IRS lists IRS Office Addresses with google map of each State’s IRS Office with hrs. of operation. Street View Map, Office Address page shown below. Compare federal office service ratings, know the IRS office to avoid, Vote and leave comments of your IRS office visit at the IRS Address in our listings.
This site stores ratings of citizens experiance with the IRS Office local to you. If you were treated badly here is your chance to let others know. If the representitive was a good advocate for you then let others know which person they should look for.

Many States have multiple addresses for the IRS Government Offices. Check the ratings and go to the one with the best ratings. It could save you money. Another site worth looking over for Tax time is This site has many answers for common IRS Questions..

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions. is the best site to view IRS Offices. Now it’s easy to view any IRS Office.

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1 admin January 28, 2010 at 1:14 am

This is where your IRS comments will appear before they are moved to the appropriate IRS Address entry.

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